Ask the experts — Ukranian journalists

Here is a grab-and-go comment you can use to respond to media news stories and opinions that ignore or bypass the views and expertise of Ukranians. Please edit, shorten, lengthen as you see fit, or write your own comment.


Before publishing an opinion about “what is to be done about Ukraine”, perhaps you should consult with the experts: Ukranians. Here are some Ukrainian journalists you could communicate with and cite in your articles. @NikaMelkozerova (@NewVoiceUkraine), @vorozhbyt, @lapatina (@KyivIndependent), @olgatokariuk, @KSergatskova (@Zaborona_media), @olya_rudenko (@KyivIndependent)

Full names of the journalists:

Please do contact me with more names — or start your own list and share the URL on Twitter

Nika Melkozerova, @NikaMelkozerova, @NewVoiceUkraine

Olga Vorzhbyt, @vorozhbyt

Anastasia Lapatina, @lapatina, @KyivIndependent

Olga Tokariuk, @olgatokariuk

Katerina Sergatskova, @KSergatskova, @Zaborona_media

Olga Rudenko, @olya_rudenko [notice the “y”], @KyivIndpendent